ETHNO wine heritage

The ETHNO team

Friends who are coming back to their roots.

Who are rediscovering their home…

And see Bulgaria in a new light.

We have united behind the challenge to live, create and work in our country and to become the main factors in the creation of its modern appearance and thus become part of the renovation of the world.

No matter where we are in the world we feel complete, thriving in the rhythm of time. We are active, sociable and we love Bulgaria with all its magical beauty and fascinating nature. We would like to make everyone believe more in their own abilities. Because we start believing when we see the results of our work and the results come when we are active.

This is why we all have to take care of Bulgaria and make it even more beautiful and appealing. We found our vocation in creating our ETHNO wines – modern and contemporary, they are a made according to the latest technological innovations.

They are for those of us who would like to make wine a part of our everyday life, our meals and celebrations.

Our ETHNO wines

What is more we are very lucky! We found the people who believe in us and our ideas – our friends from Vinprom Karnobat. They gave us the best lands where we planted our vines. They are located near the village of Ognen, between the cities of Karnobat and Sungurlare.

The region is famous for its rich history and culture, strongly connected to viticulture and winemaking. It is where some of the best Bulgarian varieties are grown and used for the production of both white and red wines. The particular microclimate is formed by the vicinity to the Stara planina mountain range on one side and the Black sea on the other. The presence of a number of hills close by helps for very good natural air drainage.

An ETHNO diversity of wines

The unique combination between climate, soil and relief makes it possible to plant not only some of the best Bulgarian varieties like Red Misket, Mavrud, Dimiat, Muscat, but also some of the internationally renown ones such as Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Vinprom Karnobat gives us the opportunity to let our imagination free and bring to life our ideas in our own country. And the result… it is clear to anyone who has tasted the ETHNO diversity of our wines – the modest perfectionists.

Our values

To be realistic.

To live pure.

To appreciate and protect the nature.

To value our own and other cultures.

To be understanding of disadvantaged people.

To be ETHNO – bearers of the values from the past, who act in the present and look to the future.