The Perfect Glass of Wine

Every wine has its own temperament and emotion. Some are bold, brave and full of vitality, while others are soft, airy and romantic. In order to show its best, each one has to be presented in its best form: to select the right crop, to keep it well and to be served at a suitable temperature in a wine glass.

The ETHNO wines are superb in the first year of their bottling. Through it, they can represent the wealth inherited from the Karnobat Terror and the knowledge accumulated by our masters in a number of countries.

In order to preserve their qualities, as all wines need to be lying down, keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

The serving temperature should be consistent with the full potential of red wines of the ETHNO series being felt at 15-17 degrees, and the whites at a temperature of 8-10 degrees.

If you find it difficult to hit the right temperature, you can cool the wine down and then warm the glass by hand until the drink shows its potential. In addition, keep in mind that wine transforms its temperature from its own space.

Consume an open bottle of wine within 3 days of opening, while keeping it in a cool, dark place.

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