Tell me which is your favorite wine and I will tell you what kind of person you are!

There are so many studies which analyse our individuality according to our favorite perfume, the colours we like, the length of our hair, the type of chocolate we usually buy, so we were not at all surprised to find a British study which draws conclusions on the basis of what wine one prefers. It turns out that the Brits are definitely happier and luckier with red wine. Also, those who prefer red wine seem to be more educated and affluent…Well, the study doesn’t specify whether it is economically or spiritually, yet…it’s more.

White wine seems to have been chosen by more practically oriented Brits. Ambition and entrepreneurship are somehow once again usually associated with the nuances of red wines, while tranquility and easy-goingness are typical for those who prefer white wine. Rosé lovers are inarguably the kings and queens of the social networks, frequently visiting websites such as Facebook probably because rosé is not like any other wine – forget about delicacy as Provencal Rosé is usually piquant and with a specific character of its own, enchanting and full of history.

The study was ordered by “French Wines with Style” and one of their representatives states: “You can learn so much about a person from the drink he/she mostly prefers, and this seems to be true especially when it comes to wine."

The study shows that people with certain characteristics prefer certain wines. The study was carried out amongst 2000 people and it took into consideration their ALL DAY LIVES – from their income, through their plans, expectations and carrier, to their character and specific particularities. More than half of the British red wine drinkers seem to have a higher education degree and an annual income of around 40 000-45 000 pounds. And even though 81% of the participants claim to be happy with their current job, 65% continue to have higher ambitions and desire to move up in the work hierarchy.

In comparison, the white wine drinkers earn between 25 000 and 30 000 pounds a year, and at the same time only 43% of them have higher education. Most of them are not very interested in their professional growth, with 2/3 claiming they are not very ambitious. 55% of the Rosé wine lovers have left school at around 18 and earn around 30 000 pounds a year. They are happy in cohabitation and like social networks. Except being the richest layer of society, the red wine drinkers are probably the most happily married with 86% claiming they are satisfied with their relationship.

The white wine drinkers are less likely to be married, but 85% of the single ones claim to be happy with their social status. When describing themselves, the red wine lovers mainly use words such as confident, calm, strong and intelligent. The white wine drinkers usually say they are practical, shy, peaceful and reserved.

The Rosé lovers define themselves as noisy, warm and charming. The red wine lovers averagely drink 4 glasses per week, the white wine lovers have three, and the Rosé lovers have only two glasses of wine per week.

Whether it is so in Bulgaria, we can only guess.

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