How to Combine Wine and Pizza

The pizza ... with crispy crust, aromatic stuffing and captivating taste ... Mmm.
This is one of our favorite temptations. And only one glass of ETHNO divides it from total perfection
That's why we introduce combinations to enjoy even more intense and impressive flavors:

- The White Pizza with Cream and Nuts becomes an adventure for the senses when combined with ETHNO Chardonnay.
- Lovers of vegetable pizzas can enjoy a perfect sense of enjoyment with ETHNO Sauvignon Blanc & Misket.
- The BBQ Sauce pizza becomes even more juicy with a glass ETHNO Muscat & Dimiat.
- The Hawaiian Pizza gets even more intriguing and exotic flavor with ETHNO Traminer.
- For classical Margarita we recommend ETHNO Rose , which will enrich the overall experience.
- Pizza with pepperoni or spice salami will be even more daring and self-proclaiming with ETHNO Merlot.
- For many pizza lovers, ETHNO Cabernet Sauvignon & Mavrud will enhance your appetite and leave a lasting memory.
- The best friend of sausage pizza is ETHNO Syrah & Rubin . With this combination you will feel the richness of flavors and aromas that will pleasantly surprise you.

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