Cabernet Sauvignon & Mavrud

ETHNO Sauvignon Blanc & Misket


Aroma: Gentle and light with a vegetable character. Fresh herbal and floral accents, green apple and fresh citrus notes are revealed.

Taste: Dresses elegance combined with fine structure and pleasant soft finish.

Combine with: Interesting spring salads, fish appetizers, seafood with cream sauce, semi-hard cheeses and more.

Serving t: 10‐12°С

Silver medal from "VINOBALKANIKA" 2013
Silver medal from "The Balkans Wine Competition" 2012
Silver medal from Mondial Du Sauvignon 2018

  • ETHNO Muscat & Dimiat

    Fragrance with shades of indirce, lime, acacia, herbal peppermint go to its good dense, smooth and long-acting taste.



  • ETHNO Traminer

    A floral character with white flowers, herbs and rose.

  • ETHNO Rose

    Intense fruity aroma, dominated by red berries, with shades of raspberry and strawberry.



  • ETHNO Merlot

    If you want a wine that you can drink at one breath, do not hesitate - choose ETHNO Merlot.

  • ETHNO Syrah & Rubin

    ETHNO Syrah & Rubin has a fruity aroma with black cherry shades and berries, comfortably combined with accents of black chocolate.

  • ETHNO Cabernet Sauvignon & Mavrud

    Aroma dominated by black berries, black currant, blackberry, with accents of caramel.



  • ETHNO Chardonnay

    ETHNO Chardonnay is a fresh, elegant, white wine.



  • ETHNO Sauvignon Blanc & Misket

    ETHNO Sauvignon Blanc & Misket is live, playful and full of promised wine, which goes to almost everything.



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